About Auslink

Who are we?

In a highly interconnected world of international trade, business processes are complex and time is of the essence.  Auslink International Group aims to provide business entities over the world with qualitative services in the transportation, storage, shipment and distribution of goods from the seller to the buyer or end user. We work 24*7 to provide the competitive edge in logistics and transport to facilitate business operations for individuals and organizations.

Our Mission

Fast Service

We understand that speed can effectively impact your service and customer satisfaction. We offer the same day despatch service. Faster processing and delivery of products leads to satisfied customers and lower inventory carrying cost.

100% Accuracy

Aside from lower inventory carrying cost and more satisfied customers, higher inventory accuracy can lead to improved performance in other logistics processes. 

Safety & Guarantee

Auslink International Group makes employee and visitor safety its top priority. We factor in and manage the risks that have been identified within our corporate policy and our company goals.